Sunday, January 17, 2016

DIY Valentine Coasters

Posted by Tara

The holiday of LOVE is quickly approaching. As soon as I took down my Christmas decor I quickly replaced it with all of my Valentine's decor. I enjoy decorating my home in red and pink and gold for this holiday. Hearts and love themed quotes are some of my favorite things. I recently was thinking of something new I could add to my home for Valentine's Day and came across these blank burlap coasters at Hobby Lobby. I knew that they could easily be transformed into something for Valentine's. This craft is no only easy, but also inexpensive! Let's get started!
First you will need:
Paint Brushes
Craft Paint ( I used electric pink and razzle berry)
Burlap Coasters
Hearts (I used die cuts)
Glitter (not needed, but who doesn't love a little sparkle in crafting?)

I first centered the heart on each coaster and traced with a pen around it. After they are all traced on I then used my paint brush to paint inside the line. This was super easy. Even if you get outside the line it doesn't matter, it still looks cute! 

While the paint is still wet use your glitter to sprinkle on your heart. This part is totally optional but I always love adding glitter to any craft project!

Let dry and get ready to set how for your next Valentine's party or dinner! You can also give them a quick spray with a clear coat to try and seal in that paint, just in case anything were to spill on them. I hope you like this fun Valentine's craft, and be sure to check our Pinterest Page for more Valentine's Ideas!

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At January 23, 2016 at 12:03 AM , Blogger Holly Gagnon said...

Awesome!!!!! Holly :)


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